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Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

From the beginning, Good Shepherd has existed to impact the community around us with the love of Jesus! For over 50 years, we have been serving the Cedar Park and greater Austin community with this living hope!


When you walk through our doors, you are home.

Good Shepherd is somewhere you can connect with friends who become like family. A place to get to know Jesus,

the one who has changed our lives so much;

we know He can change yours too. 

If you are looking for a place to build your faith, to find your purpose and your people, look no further.

Our Mission

To make disciples who make disciples who make disciples...

How, you may ask? By impacting those around us

with the love of Jesus! 

Our Vision

To live a life that begs the question! What's the question? Why do you have the hope you do?  How do we accomplish this? By valuing everyone we meet, influencing everywhere we go with the love of Jesus, and living generously

with everything we have.


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